Cisco Network Instructor Course Dates

Prospective Classmates:

I received the following information from Cisco – – The class dates for Hampton University are scheduled virtually as follows:

  • CCNA 1 April 1, 2021 to June 10, 2021
  • CCNA 2 June 17, 2021- August 19, 2021
  • CCNA 3 September 9, 2021 – December 9, 2021
  • Cyber Ops – TBD

Kelly Caudle is the instructor.  The classes will meet once per week via Zoom for an hour or 1.5 hours.  Due to current classes she’s teaching, the meeting will be on Mondays more than likely from 3-4 EST.  I am awaiting final confirmation.

Meetings are recorded and can be reviewed if the students cannot attend. She does want as many students to attend (in-person virtually) the class meetings, but she  know that isn’t always possible.  They asked that ALL prospective instructors attend CCNA1 (even if you are only interested in teaching CyberOps) so that they will have a baseline.   I added all to that class.  All courses will lead to certifications in the course taken, and of course that will lead to Instructor credentials opportunities.  Again, all is full-funded as a scholarship valued at $1000 per course.

So far…this is the class cohort: 

First NameLast NameEmail addressCourses
VincentBullockvincent.bullock@hamptonu.eduCCNA1CCNA2CCNA3CyberOps  CCNA1CCNA2CCNA3CyberOps
DemetrisGeddisdemetris.geddis@hamptonu.eduCCNA1  CyberOps
QiangLeqiang.le@hamptonu.eduCCNA1  CyberOps
OtsebeleNareotsebele.nare@hamptonu.eduCCNA1  CyberOps
AndreSmithandrel.smith@hamptonu.eduCCNA1  CyberOps
ZhaoSunzhao.sun@hamptonu.eduCCNA1  CyberOps

If you know of anyone else to add, please let me know as soon as possible.  Send me any questions you have.