Cancer Research Center


The mission of the Hampton University Cancer Research Center is to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research and apply novel strategies to cancer research, while leveraging expertise and resources at Hampton University, to contribute to cancer prevention, carcinogenesis, and improving cancer outcomes and elimination of cancer disparities.


The vision for the Hampton University Cancer Research Center is to become internationally recognized for cutting edge basic and clinical-translational research of cancers including those that disproportionately affect ethnically diverse and underserved populations.

Hampton University Cancer Research Center

As one of only a few cancer centers located at a Historically Black University, the Hampton University Cancer Research Center is dedicated to the creation of knowledge in laboratory, clinical and community-based cancer research. We apply those discoveries to develop more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapies – providing tomorrow’s standard of care today. The Hampton University Cancer Research Center proposes five highly interactive cancer research programs in
  • Cancer Biology
  • Clinical-Translational Research
  • Cancer Pharmacology (Drug Discovery, Delivery & Experimental Therapeutics)
  • Community-based participatory Research (includes Cancer Control & Population Health)
  • Physics and Medical Instrumentation with more than 21 scientists from 9 departments and affiliated institutions. Together, these five programs span the spectrum from basic science to clinical trials. During the last year, these research programs have been assessing their strengths and developing their programs with a goal to continue to grow in scientific and clinical strength through recruitment and retention of some of the world’s brightest minds in cancer research. A clear focus on translational research will enhance the quality of science and the progress toward discoveries.