Thank You

Thank you on behalf of Cisco Networking Academy and Follow up from Today’s call (Hampton University) Folks It certainly was a pleasure to speak to you today, as we finalized the partnership with Cisco.

I am excited to collaborate with Hampton University and together, our goal is symbiotic, ensuring strong student outcomes for all the programs that we will collaborate on together.

Please ensure that you complete the Become An Academy [] form for each of the entities we discussed:

            Hampton University On Line

            Hampton University

            Virginia Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Once each entities accepts the On Line membership agreement and create user profiles, I will be happy to host a tutorial to create the respective self-enroll courses for Hampton University.

For your reference, I have attached a “copy” of our Cisco Academy Membership and Terms and Conditions for use of Cisco Networking Academy Sites and Services.

As per the webinar I mentioned today, it is for students, to hear from our System Engineers.  Feb 11th 11 am est.

A save the date in outlook will be forth coming. More details to follow.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to our collaborative partnership.

Marie Zwickert, M.Ed.

Business Development Manager


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