Team Cisco

Good morning Team Cisco,

The legal terminology, albeit standard, requires that I provide the Cisco Academy Membership Agreement to our GC for review.  Also, the CFO is the only person at the university authorized to engage in agreements, so I will need her approval to proceed.  What that means to Cisco and the Hampton team is that I will need to  provide both with the documents that your attached (Terms and Conditions for us of Cisco Networking Academy Sites and Services, and the Cisco Academy Membership Agreement) for review before completing “Becoming a Cisco Academy Form.”

I have been providing information to the GC and CFO during weekly leadership meetings, so I do not see this as an issue – – just a required step in the process.

I will let all know of the status when we meet on Wednesday.
Thank you all,


DR. ALISSA E. HARRISON | Vice President for Information Technology

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