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As I’ve mentioned during our calls, on a quarterly basis, the Cisco Networking Academy hosts Instructor Professional Development to all our academies, globally.  All session are recorded.

Next week is one our quarterly sessions.

If you should happen to have your Membership agreement signed and add your staff as users, they could register and participate in this  IPD event.  If the timeframe is too challenging, rest assure that All session are recorded for access.

The Program update session provides an insight into new products, promotions, instructor and student initiatives etc.

Details below…

Please join Instructor Professional Development (IPD) week, 22-26 February 2021. IPD Week is a quarterly program offered to Networking Academy instructors. Its goal is to offer professional development through free, one-hour virtual sessions. Topics include technical sessions to keep you up to date on the latest technology trends and expand your knowledge. Plus, program update sessions from around Networking Academy. 

Program Updates – Keep current with the latest from Cisco Networking Academy by joining one of these sessions. Topics include curriculum releases, new netacad.com features, equipment updates and much more! 

Technical Sessions 

  • CCNA 7.02 Deep Dive (session was hosted February 4, but the recording is available in the IPD course) 
  • Are you a NetAcad Wizard? Part 2 
  • Data Privacy, How concerned are you? 
  • DevNet Associate: Filtering JSON Data 
  • DevNet Associate: Generating JSON Data 
  • Network Automation using Ansible Part 2: Roles and Variables 
  • Network Infrastructure as a Code 
  • New LMS Demo: Recent Enhancements 
  • Packet Tracer 8 Physical Mode in CCNA 7.02 
  • Streaming Telemetry for Network Infrastructure 
  • Understanding HTTP using Wireshark and Curl 
  • & many more localized sessions! 

Please see the links below for sessions being held 2/22/21 to 2/26/21 – Cisco Networking Academy login required.  

Direct link to the IPD Course if you have already enrolled: http://cs.co/ipdcourse21 [cs.co] 

If you have not already enrolled for the IPD Coursehttp://cs.co/ipd21 [cs.co] 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.  

All my best, Marie

Marie Zwickert, M.Ed.

Business Development Manager


443 956 3721

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