Dr. Mohamed Sanad Noufal

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, Director of the quantum materials laboratory

Location: Olin Engineering Building 318-D
Phone: 757-727-5069
E-mail: Mohamed.Noufal@hamptonu.edu
Expertise: His research interest is in two-dimensional quantum materials. Besides probing the fundamental properties, he used quantum structures with engineered properties for electronics, energy, sensing, and biomedical applications. 

Dr. Mohamed Sanad Noufal is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Technology at Hampton University. Dr. Mohamed graduated with a Ph.D. (2022) in Environmental sciences and Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso. He worked for four years as a Ph.D. teaching and researcher associate in the carbon nanomaterials and functional quantum materials labs at UT EL Paso.

He led a new research line on developing molecular catalysts for electrocatalysis and energy storage. He supervised the research work of several M.Sc. and B.Sc. students, initiated international collaborations, and proposed plenty of original ideas. As a result, he published 30 articles from July 2018 to July 2021 in premium journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), Angewandte chemie, Journal of colloid interface science, and Topics in current chemistry, and being the first author in many of them. Among the most impressive discoveries, he fabricated a new bioinspired catalyst for self-powered biosensing, which can be used to fabricate green biosensing devices.

His current research focuses on green hydrogen production, self-powered biosensing, and batteries.

Highlighted Publications (Most recent 10 articles).

1.¬† Sanad, M. F., Franklin, H. M., Ali, B. A., Puente Santiago, A. R., Nair, A. N., Chava, V. S., … & Echegoyen, L. (2022). Cylindrical C96 Fullertubes: A Highly Active Metal‚ÄźFree O2‚ÄźReduction Electrocatalyst. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 61(21), e202116727.‚ÄŹ¬†

2.  Sanad, M. F., Chava, V. S., Shalan, A. E., Enriquez, L. G., Zheng, T., Pilla, S., & Sreenivasan, S. T. (2021). Engineering of electron affinity and interfacial charge transfer of graphene for self-powered nonenzymatic biosensor applications. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(34), 40731-40741. 

3.¬† Sanad, M. F.,¬†Puente Santiago, A. R., Tolba, S. A., Ahsan, M. A., Fernandez-Delgado, O., Shawky Adly, M., … & Echegoyen, L. (2021). Co‚ÄďCu bimetallic metal organic framework catalyst outperforms the Pt/C benchmark for oxygen reduction.¬†Journal of the American Chemical Society,¬†143(10), 4064-4073.¬†

4.¬† Puente Santiago, A. R., Sanad, M. F.,¬†Moreno-Vicente, A., Ahsan, M. A., Cer√≥n, M. R., Yao, Y. R., … & Echegoyen, L. (2021). A New Class of Molecular Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution: Catalytic Activity of M3N@ C2¬†n (2 n= 68, 78, and 80) Fullerenes.¬†Journal of the American Chemical Society,¬†143(16), 6037-6042.¬†

5.¬† Fernandez-Delgado, O., Santiago, A. R. P., Betancourth, J. G., Sanad, M. F.,¬†Sreenivasan, S. T., & Echegoyen, L. (2022). Diazonium functionalized fullerenes: a new class of efficient molecular catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction.¬†Nanoscale,¬†14(10), 3858-3864.‚ÄŹ¬†

6.  Sanad, M. F., Shaker, A., Abdellatif, S. O., & Ghali, H. A. (2019, February). Simulating the thermoelectric behaviour of CNT based harvester. In 2019 International Conference on Innovative Trends in Computer Engineering (ITCE) (pp. 455-458). IEEE. 

7.  Mohamed, F. S., Ahmed, S., Sameh, O. A., Iman, E., Hani, A. G., & Khaled, K. (2018). Carbon-nanotube based thermoelectrical paste for enhancing solar cell effciency. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 64, p. 02005). EDP Sciences. 

8.  Nair, A. N., Sanad, M. F., Chava, V. S., & Sreenivasan, S. T. (2022). Platinum-like HER onset in a GNR/MoS 2 quantum dot heterostructure through curvature-dependent electron density reconfiguration. Chemical Communications, 58(74), 10368-10371. 

9.  Sanad, M. F., Shalan, A. E., Abdellatif, S. O., Serea, E. S. A., Adly, M. S., & Ahsan, M. (2020). Thermoelectric energy harvesters: a review of recent developments in materials and devices for different potential applications. Topics in Current Chemistry, 378(6), 1-43. 

10. Hashem, E. M., Hamza, M. A., El-Shazly, A. N., Sanad, M. F., Hassan, M. M., & Abdellatif, S. O. (2020). Investigating the UV absorption capabilities in novel Ag@ RGO/ZnO ternary nanocomposite for optoelectronic devices. Nanotechnology, 32(8), 085701.