Holds on Your Account

Our records indicate that the following holds have been placed on your account. The hold(s) listed below prevent you from registering. View the information below to find out how to remove the hold(s).

Missing Local Address

(Code: 04)

Please enter local address using HUNet. Records are updated twice a day.

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Student Affairs

(Code: 06)

Contact the Dean of Students: deanofstudents@hamptonu.edu

Hold For Payment

(Code: 07)

Contact the Business Office: businessoffice@hamptonu.edu


(Code: 09)

Contact Admissions’ Office: admissions@hamptonu.edu

Academic Dismissal

(Code: 10)

Please contact the Office of Admissions for reinstatement.

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Not Medically Cleared

(Code: 12)

Contact the Health Center at 757-727-5315 or healthcenter@hamptonu.edu

No Permanent Address

(Code: 14)

Please submit your permanent address to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@hamptonu.edu.

Traffic Violation

(Code: 18)

There is a traffic violation with an associated fine on your account. You must pay the fine to remove this hold.

Please contact the Traffic Office at HUPDTRAFFICOFFICE@hamptonu.edu.


(Code: 19)

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@hamptonu.edu.

Advance Deposit Payment

(Code: 21)

Contact the Student Accounts Office: businessoffice@hamptonu.edu

Senior Without Graduation Application

(Code: 24)

Please complete and submit your graduation application.

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(Code: 28)

Contact the Athletics’s Office: ATHLETICS_DEPARTMENT@hamptonu.edu or 757-728-6798

Update Graduation Application

(Code: 29)

Contact the Registrar’s Office: registrar@hamptonu.edu

Writing Comprehension Exam

(Code: 33)

You need to take the writing comprehension exam.

CE – Office Use

(Code: 34)

Contact the HU Online Registrar’s Office: huonline@hamptonu.edu

Student Success Center

(Code: 35)

Contact the Student Success Center: studentsuccessctr@hamptonu.edu


(Code: 55)

Returned Mail-Local Address

(Code: 64)

Contact the Registrar’s Office: registrar@hamptonu.edu

FR – Probation/Dismissal

(Code: 65)

Contact Freshman Studies: freshmanstudies@hamptonu.edu

Social Security Number

(Code: 67)

Contact the Admissions’ or Registrar’s Office admissions@hamptonu.edu or registrar@hamptonu.edu

Students need to send email to admissions@hamptonu.edu and registrar@hamptonu.edu with form completed

Missing Student Handbook Signature

(Code: 68)

You must sign to acknowledge receipt of the HU Student Handbook.

Contact the Office of Judicial Affairs: judicialaffairs@hamptonu.edu

No Emergency Contact

(Code: 6E)

You must provide your emergency contact information.

Contact registrar@hamptonu.edu after student put the information into their HUNet.

Need Eng 503

(Code: 70)

Contact the Graduate College at 757-727-5454 or hugrad@hamptonu.edu

Returned Mail From Permanent Address

(Code: 74)

Contact the Registrar’s Office: registrar@hamptonu.edu


(Code: 97)

Contact the Traffic Office: HUPDTRAFFICOFFICE@hamptonu.edu

International Office

(Code: IO)

Contact the International Office


Title IX Office

(Code: IX)

Contact the Title IX Office at 757-727-5426 or TitleIXoffice@hamptonu.edu