Missing Financial Aid Plan Information and/or Personal Email

Do you have any outstanding verification Items needed for Processing your Financial Aid Award? Students are required to check the HUNet Administrative Services, click here to access https://mycampus.hamptonu.edu/HAMPTON-UNIVERSITY. Should you need to submit document(s), click here to access https://www.hamptonu.edu/studentservices/financialaid/fa_forms.cfm If you are a first-time student loan borrower:

Undergraduate students are required to electronically sign their Master Promissory Note and complete the Federal Entrance Counseling at Student Aid.Gov

Graduate Students who apply for the Graduate PLUS Loan” must first complete a credit check, if credit is approved, must sign electronically the Master Promissory Note, complete the Federal Entrance Counseling requirement at Student Aid.Gov.

If credit is not approved, students have the option to consider a credit worthy endorser.

Parents who apply for the Parent PLUS Loan for dependent, undergraduate students, must first complete a credit check. If credit is approved, will need to complete the Master Promissory Note requirement at StudentAid.Gov.

In some cases, the Department of Education may require a parent to complete the Credit Counseling requirements, as a condition for loan approval.

Parents who are denied credit, have the option to seek an endorser, or attempt to resolve with the credit issue with the Department of Education.

If the above actions are unsuccessful, the dependent undergraduate student have the option to request the additional unsubsidized loan: freshmen and sophomores, an additional $4,000, for juniors and seniors, an additional $5,000 via https://www.hamptonu.edu/studentservices/financialaid/fa_forms.cfm

Documents can be mailed: Hampton University
200 William R. Harvey Way
Office of Financial Aid (Whipple Barn Building)
Hampton, VA 23668

Should you have questions regarding the item(s) needed, you may contact your financial aid advisor via email: https://www.hamptonu.edu/studentservices/financialaid/contact/

For all other inquiries, feel free to contact us at 757-727-5635, 757-727-5523 or 757-728-6009