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The data shown on this website is for the Summer 2022 TERM and is updated Monday - Friday by 7PM.

YouĀ AREĀ NOTĀ Financially Cleared.

Your Financial Standing as of: May 11, 2022 9:58AM

Financial Overview

HU ID Number Name Previous Balance Due* Current Charges
Expected Financial Aid Amount Total Amount Due SDPP First Payment Amount Follett Aid Amount
Need Financial Aid Paperwork?

*If you have any questions you can contact the Business Office by phone at 757-727-5661, or by email atĀ Office hours are Mon. – Fri. 8:30AM – 4:30PM.

How Can I Become Financially Cleared?

To be Financially Cleared, you must pay yourĀ Current Charges ($ 0.00)Ā plus any previously due balancesĀ ($ 0.00)Ā minus any expected financial aidĀ ($ 0.00). Our records indicate that thisĀ Total Amount DueĀ comes out toĀ $ 0.00.

If you are unable to pay the Total Amount Due, please pay theĀ Special Deferred Payment Plan (SDPP)Ā first payment amountĀ ($ 0.00)Ā plus any previously due balancesĀ ($ 0.00). This total would beĀ $ 0.00. You can sign up for the SDPP using the PDF document below.

View/Download the Special Deferred Payment Plan Promissory Note (PDF) ā–¶

How Do I Make a Payment?

There are two ways to make a payment on your account.

(Credit Card Payment)
Make a payment using Cashnet ►

Mail In Payment
(Cashier's Check or Money Order)

Hampton University
Office of the Vice President for
Business Affairs and Treasurer
200 William R. Harvey Way
Hampton, VA 23668

Note: All payments can be seen through HUNet.
It may take up to 48 hours to apply Cashnet transactions.Ā Login to HUNet ā–¶