Doctor of Pharmacy Program (PharmD)

Hampton University School of Pharmacy is dedicated to the development of high quality pharmacists. We take pride in our students’ achievement and their current and future successes. Our Doctor of Pharmacy program puts an emphasis on community with both faculty and students reaching out to become involved through volunteer opportunities and outreach programs. Our professional program allows for students to utilize both didactic and experiential teachings.  The core teachings that make up the program create knowledgeable, empathetic, focused, and driven pharmacists for local communities, the state, and the nation. This allows the School of Pharmacy and its graduates to give back to the community that acts as a foundation for our program.  

The PharmD degree, consists of a total of 144 credit hours. It is a four year long program, dividing the course load between P1, P2, P3, and P4 years. The professional program is a rigorous dive into the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Our inclusion of experiential education allows our students to gain hands on experience in different areas of pharmacy. The professional program is committed to educating pharmacists that are able to adapt to new trends, ideas, and to innovate their own paths within the field of pharmacy.

The School of Pharmacy is in the process of establishing a new Pharm.D. program. As part of this process, the School submitted its formal application for pre-candidacy to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) in April 2023. President Darrell K. Williams, Executive VP and Provost JoAnn Haysbert and Dean Anand Iyer met with the ACPE Board of Directors in Chicago in June 2023, and the Board has scheduled an on-site visit in November 2023 to evaluate the program. Based on recommendations from the site visit team, the ACPE Board will make a decision on approval of pre-candidacy in January 2024. If successful, the School will matriculate its new Pharm.D. cohort in the fall of 2024.

As part of our plans for the new program, the School has developed a new Pharm.D. curriculum, is fully renovating its learning facilities (with an expected completion date of July 2024), is developing a new 10-year strategic plan, has implemented a strong faculty and staff hiring plan, and is continuing to develop and implement many other aspects of the new program. The University and School’s administration, faculty and staff are working diligently to ensure that all programmatic aspects are developed to meet the 25 standards set forth by the ACPE.

When the School of Pharmacy receives approval of pre-candidacy status, the new Pharm.D. curriculum will be implemented. This curriculum has already been fully approved by School and University committees.