Doctor of Pharmacy Program (Pharm. D. Degree)

Hampton University School of Pharmacy is dedicated to the development of high quality pharmacists. We take pride in our student’s achievement and their current and future successes. Our Doctor of Pharmacy program puts an emphasis on community with both faculty and students reaching out to become involved through volunteer opportunities and outreach programs. Our professional program allows for students to utilize both didactic and experiential teachings.  The core teachings that make up the program create knowledgeable, empathetic, focused, and driven pharmacists for local communities, Virginia State, and the nation. Allowing the School of Pharmacy and its graduates to give back to the community that acts as a foundation for our program.  

The Pharm. D. degree, consists of a total of 145 semester hours. It is a four year long program, dividing the course load between P1, P2, P3, and P4 levels. The professional program is a rigorous dive into the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Our inclusion of experiential education allows our students to gain hands on experience in different job fields within the scope of pharmacy. The curriculum for the professional program has been updated recently in the fall of 2019. This new curriculum continues to promote the success and growth of students, and creates a concrete structure for students pursuing pharmacy. The professional program is committed to creating driven pharmacists that are able to adapt to new trends, ideas, and to innovate their own paths within the field of pharmacy