School of Pharmacy Vision Statement

Hampton University School of Pharmacy offers an academic program that produces clinically astute professional pharmacists who are culturally competent, who espouse lifelong learning, and who use technology to their advantage and to that of their patients. 

School of Pharmacy Mission Statement

The mission of Hampton University School of Pharmacy is to provide contemporary pharmaceutical education that produces highly skilled pharmacists. These pharmacists deliver quality pharmaceutical care to the people of Virginia and the nation. The program is designed to build a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and clinical practice for the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical care, emphasizes curricular integration, lifelong learning, appropriate use of technology, and a vigorous research program. The School promotes and encourages the scholarly and professional development of students, faculty, and staff in a multicultural environment.
The School of Pharmacy subscribes and adheres to the goals of the University Mission to promote learning, character building, and preparation for leadership and service roles; through careful selection of students, activities, attitudes that develop professionalism, and the delivery of a rigorous curriculum. Through professional organizations and other linkages, students in the School of Pharmacy participate in activities that provide service to the local community and the state. Although the curriculum primarily serves only the students admitted to the School of Pharmacy, students and faculty are committed to sharing their knowledge and informational resources with the greater University population and beyond.