Dr. Andrij Horodysky

Associate Professor, Marine and Environmental Science
Location: Marine Science 135
Phone: 757-728-6655

Dr. Horodysky is a broadly-trained aquatic ecologist with research interests centered on the ecophysiology, behavior, and conservation of fishes and other living marine resources affected by anthropogenic activities in the world’s aquatic habitats. He uses comparative interdisciplinary approaches that integrate basic and applied laboratory and field techniques with tools ranging in scale from microscopes to satellites. Dr. Horodysky’s research interests manifest in basic and applied contexts, with emphases on: (i) providing mechanistic behavioral and ecophysiological insights into the relationships between form, function, and the environment, (ii) identifying mechanisms through which climate change, ocean acidification, and anthropogenic interactions affect living marine resources and stakeholders, and (iii) increasing post-release survival in recreational fisheries. He is passionate about increasing the participation of underrepresented students and the Commonwealth’s stakeholders to conserve, connect with, and protect marine environments.