Department of Physics Research Areas

Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics


Jefferson Lab
(Dr. Eric Christy, Dr. Michael Kohl, Dr. Paul Gueye, Dr. Alberto Accardi, Dr. Liguang Tang, and Dr. Jose Goity)

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science with strong support from the City of Newport News and the Commonwealth of Virginia

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nuclear physics

(Dr. Eric Christy)

MINERvA seeks to measure low energy neutrino interactions both in support of neutrino oscillation experiments and also to study the strong dynamics of the nucleon and nucleus that affect these interactions.

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(Dr. Michael Kohl)

OLYMPUS at DESY (Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron) in Hamburg, Germany aims to measure the effect of two-photon exchange by comparison of positron-proton and electron-proton elastic scattering.

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(Dr. Michael Kohl)

TREK (Time Reversal Experiment with Kaons) aims to discover violation of time reversal invariance beyond the Standard Model in the decay of positive kaons.

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Optical Sciences

Optical Physics

Advanced Center for Laser Science and Spectroscopy (ACLASS)
(Dr. Jaetae Seo)

ACLASS merges traditionally separate disciplines by advancing the fundamental understanding of selected problems at the forefront of science and technology using laser spectroscopy as the common unifying theme.

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Accelerator Physics

Low Energy Linear Accelerator (LELIA)
(Dr. Paul Gueye)

A new Accelerator Physics program is under development within the Physics Department and will be centered on an on-campus research that will utilizes a 500 keV electron linac modeled after the CEBAF injector at Jefferson Lab.

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