Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies (CEPS)

The Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies provides students with excellent preparation for employment and entry into a Bachelor degree program. The curriculum offers a general education foundation with emphasis in the area of the Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Pure and Applied Sciences. The Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies accommodates students interested in a flexible academic curriculum that will introduce them to a variety of subjects. Students who complete the degree program in General Studies will find their written, verbal, analytical and research skills greatly enhanced.

The Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies is an excellent academic option for military and civilian students who have attended other colleges and universities, and who have accumulated a number of credit hours in a non-specific major. Such students may benefit by transferring these hours into the General Studies program thereby allowing them to acquire a four year degree. Military veterans and active duty military personnel are eligible to receive relevant credit from military school attendance and through enrollment in military courses.

Suggested Sequence

Freshman Year
Course Credit Hours
CSOS 201 or CSOS 213Science & Technology3
BIOL 101 or ENSC 204Science & Technology3
ENGL 101Written Communication I3
ENGL 102Written Communication II3
HIST 106World Civilizations II3
MATH 109College Mathematics I3
MATH 110College Mathematics II3
PSYC 203Introduction to Psychology3
PHIL 203History of Western Philosophy I3
ELECTIVEFree Elective3
Sophomore Year
Course Credit Hours
CSOS 213Computer Applications3
ELECTIVEFree Elective3
ELECTIVEFree Elective3
HIST 202History of the U.S.: 1865 to Present3
HUMN 201Seminar in Humanities I3
HUMN 202Seminar in Humanities II3
PHIL 204History of Western Philosophy II3
POLS 201Introduction to Political Science3
PSYO 205Social Psychology3
SOCI 205Introduction to Sociology3

60 Total Credit Hours

Minimum grade of “C” is required in all Major and all Related courses including CSOO 201, ECON 200, ENGO 101-102 and COMO 103. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all transfer courses. Courses taken to meet General Education Requirements cannot also be used to satisfy major requirements.