Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Safety - Criminal Justice Concentration

Freshman Year
Course Credit Hours
Science & TechnologyBIO 101 or ENS 2043
Science & TechnologyCSO 201 or CSO 2133
ENG 101Written Communication I3
ENG 102Written Communication II3
Cultures & CivilizationsCSO 170, ENG 215, MUS 205, HIS 308, SPA 303
MGM 321, POL 307, 405, 406, or 409 or SOC 305
HIST 106World Civilizations II3
MATH 109College Mathematics I3
MATH 110College Mathematics II3
COM 103Oral Communication3
Cultures & CivilizationsSCI 102, CHE 201, PHY 2003
CSOO 126New Student Orientation3
Sophomore Year
Course Credit Hours
Cultures & CivilizationsHISO 105, 107 or 2023
HEAL 200Health Education2
CJMT 205Introduction to Criminal Justice System3
HUMN 201Seminar in Humanities I3
Arts & HumanitiesART 200, 305 or 306, ENG 214;Foreign Language, HUM 202, MUS 200, 201, 202 or 205; PHI 203, 204, 210, 301, 304 or 3053
MATH 205Introduction to Statistics3
PSYC 203Introduction to Psychology3
SOCI 205Introduction to Sociology3
MUS 200Introduction to Music3
PDMN 211Public Administration3
Junior Year
Course Credit Hours
CJMT 300Juvenile Delinquency3
CJMT 305Fundamentals of Criminal Law3
EMSM 305Fund of Emerg Svc Org Management3
FADM 300Survey of Legal, Social and Political Issues3
MGMT 312Personnel / Human Resources Management3
MGMT 340Business Communications3
PHIL 305Ethics and Leadership3
PSAD 300Information Technology for Fire and Emergency Service3
PSAD 302Project Management3
JACC 220Principles of Public Relations3
Senior Year
Course Credit Hours
CJMT 400Police Systems and Practices3
CJMT 401Ethics in Criminal Justice3
CJMT 402Community Resources in Corrections3
CJMT 403Criminal Investigations3
EMSM 403Strategic Planning3
MGMT 400Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 412Labor Management Relations3
POLS 409Race and Public Policy3
ELECTIVEFree Elective3
PSAD 401Public Safety Capstone3

122 Total Credit Hours

Minimum grade of “C” is required in all Major and all Related courses including CSOO 201, ECON 200, ENGO 101-102 and COMO 103. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all transfer courses. Courses taken to meet General Education Requirements cannot also be used to satisfy major requirements.