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Hampton Course Materials Program

Follett ACCESS is a powerful and convenient program designed to ensure students get the course materials they need to succeed before their first day of class. 

The Follett ACCESS program delivers required course materials to students for all courses. The cost will be added as a student charge on your student account. This program provides a method to easily access, manage and use all course materials regardless of format or cost. Digital course materials will be made available to students directly within Blackboard. Physical course materials will be available for pick up at the campus bookstore. 

The Benefits of the Follett ACCESS Program 

  • You will have all of your required course materials on the first day of class. 
  • Receiving materials is hassle free. 
  • Easily access and management of digital course materials. 
  • Zero stress about getting the wrong book or wrong edition. 

All courses will be a part of the program and materials will be gathered for you based off your course schedule. 

Confirmation emails to your school email address or communications from the campus and/or instructors will be provided to share your product access details in Blackboard for digital content. For physical content a confirmation email will be provided to your school email to let you know it is available to pick up at your campus bookstore. 

We’ve included required course materials adopted by your professor through the Hampton University Bookstore… such as required textbooks and access codes. Supporting or consumable course materials such as art supplies, lab kits or scrubs, are not included at this time.  

If you drop a course, return physical materials to the campus store by the communicated deadline provided to you when you picked up your materials. Physical materials should be in reusable condition. 

Digital materials will be automatically deactivated and your access to the material will be removed upon confirmation of your section drop. 

If you add a new course that is part of the ACCESS program, Digital course materials should be available and delivered to you within 24 hours of that enrollment. If your course requires physical materials, then go to the campus store once you receive a confirmation that your order is available for pick up. This will be within 24-48 hours of your new enrollment.  

If your BryteWave course material was delivered as part of the ACCESS program, then Follett typically sets up these accounts under your school email address. You may use the forgot password option at and your school email address to request a password change and to access your BryteWave account. 

If for whatever reason it doesn’t recognize that school email address, please contact your bookstore to request assistance in confirming what email address was used to fulfill your digital course materials. 

Book usage and support

· Where can I find a general feature overview? Please visit HERE []

· Where can I find navigation and pageview overview? Please visit HERE []

· Where can I find notes and highlighting overview? Please visit HERE []

· Where can I find flashcard overview? Please visit HERE []

· Where can I find printing overview? Please visit HERE []

· Where can I find offline mode overview? Please visit HERE []

· Who do I contact for Customer Service? Submit a Customer Support Ticket [] or Reach us at 1-877-612-2233

Students will receive an email at their school address from the Hampton University Bookstore approximately two weeks prior to the start of the first day of class for both formats.  For digital content, you will receive message with how to access your digital shelfNon-digital course materials will have to be picked up at the Bookstore as instructed on the email received. 

Only required course materials are included in the ACCESS Program. Additional recommended materials may be ordered on our bookstore website or visit us in the bookstore where our textbook experts will be happy to assist you. 

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