Hampton University URISE (HU-URISE) Program

We are recruiting URISE Scholars, Pre-URISE & HU-URISE Affiliates

Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (URISE) program at Hampton University is a scholarship and mentorship program funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) at the NIH.


1) Increasing the number of well-prepared underrepresented (UR) students who matriculate into biomedical science research Ph.D. or combined Ph.D. programs
2) Increasing the numbers of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in biomedical research careers.
3)The long-term goal of this program at Hampton University is to prepare HU graduates to be leaders in biomedical research by improving their preparedness for Ph.D. programs.

The pre-URISE programĀ is designed for students interested in biomedical research careers. The PRE-URISE program will increase and enhance the pool of HU-URISE trainees by developing the studentā€™s critical thinking, problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, and research and communication skills.Ā Students completing all the requirements of the PRE-URISE program will receive a certificate of participation in the pre-URISE program at the end of their sophomore year.

Participation in the Pre-URISE program will increase the student’s chances of getting into the URISE program.Ā 


The HU-URISE programĀ isĀ forĀ juniors and seniors. HU-URISE scholars participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum to ensure their competitiveness in Ph.D. programs at research-intensive institutes. The HU-URISE is typically 24 months, starting June 1st of the junior year. URISE scholars receive a scholarship and a monthly stipend. The URISE scholarship also covers in part the studentsā€™ participation in academic year and summer research experiences in funded laboratories and their attendance at scientific conferences.Ā 

URISE Affiliates participate in the HU-URISE program but do not get an NIH scholarship or stipend. They get access to research, mentorship, and travel funds to present their research at conferences.


  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology