Dr. Ziette Hayes

The James T. George School of Business is committed to the promotion of learning, the development of character, the creation of knowledge, and service to society. The School of Business endeavors to prepare students for positions of leadership and ownership in a global society marked by change and complexity. Our experience provides students an exceptional holistic business education that prepares them for success in any business environment. Faculty members are dedicated to preparing students to become industry ready professionals with impeccable character and a strong work ethic.  Standards are high at Hampton. This is not the School for those who are not accustomed to hard work or who lack character. Students expect to be challenged and look forward to the reward. They are trained and expected to manage both their academic success and their career development from the very beginning of their journey at Hampton. Starting freshmen year, students participate in case competitions, network with corporate leaders, and attend corporate leadership conferences. Our students prepare very early to ensure they secure a meaningful internship, which is required for graduation. Study abroad opportunities are planned individually and collectively with students often traveling abroad with faculty.

Our faculty-student ratio lends itself to building relationships. In addition to teaching, research and service, our faculty intentionally engage in lives of students. Professors engage in the holistic development of students enhancing the learning experience beyond the classroom with personalized academic and career advisement, research opportunities,  exposure to hands-on application opportunities, and overall character development.  There are 550 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. Most classes have a student/faculty ratio of 30:1. Although our university is 92%  African American and significantly female (66%) we are geographically diverse with representation from 43 states and 28 countries!  We offer degree programs at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate levels.  Students can major in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Marketing, and Management.

Our flagship program is the Five Year MBA program.  This program offers students two degrees in five years. The program has a very diverse curriculum with an emphasis in technical and non-technical skill building. Key courses include accounting, finance, negotiations, critical thinking, engineering, systems and logistics, leadership, and many more. The Leadership Application Program, embedded within the program, intentionally builds the soft skills that become a “learned behavior” over five years. These skills are taught throughout each semester alongside our “corporate partners in education” who spend a full day in several class sessions led by our students. Students learn time management, business communication, teamwork, supervisory skills, initiative, accountability, flexibility and many more soft skills that easily transfer into the workplace. As a result, they are highly sought after by major corporations and have several job offers. On average, at the undergraduate level, students expect internship pay rates of $15- $25 per hour and in many cases, housing support or a one-time stipend. Full-time undergraduate salaries average $50,000-$60,000 and a signing bonus. While the average salary for students completing the 5th Year of the program is $70,000, we have had students offered six figures.

Firms that have recruited our students represent 65 percent of the Fortune 100 list and many more on the Fortune 500 list recruit our students.  It is widely known that we expect to develop relationships with firms as opposed to simply providing resumes for recruitment.  Many firms have found success in “getting to know” Hampton by introducing their brands “early and often” with business students and faculty.  Consistent corporate engagement fuels the development of transferable industry skills such as business communication, interpersonal skills, collaboration, and overall professionalism. Each semester on a weekly basis, 10+ firms from a variety of industries engage in seven hours of student interaction during the firms “Corporate Day” in our Leadership Application Program.

Students can expect to be challenged beyond the classroom and anticipate having “options and not issues” upon graduation!


Dr. Ziette Hayes

Dean, James T. George School of Business

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Corporate Awards

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Study Abroad

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Black Family Conference

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Today, the James T. George School of Business enrolls 800 plus graduate and undergraduate students. The School of Business is among the top producers of African-American undergraduate business baccalaureates. Students command excellent salaries and are actively recruited by Fortune 500 companies, big four accounting firms, and several Federal Government agencies. Approximately 25% of the School of Business graduates pursue advanced degrees, primarily in business and law.

Hampton University

Undergraduate Study in Business

We offer several majors that allow students to focus on a specific business discipline. Students can also minor in specific business areas. Our undergraduate business degrees are in:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Economics
  • Business Administration (undergraduate portion of 5 year MBA)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
Hampton University

Graduate Study in Business

The Department of Business Administration offers two programs that lead to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and an online program that leads to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration.

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