PhD in Business Administration

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration

The doctoral program in Business Administration is designed to provide individuals who desire an advanced degree in business an opportunity to excel in their careers. The program responds to current MBA or technical graduate students aspiring to become consultants or professors. Admissions requires that all students take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) unless it has been taken within the previous five years and a minimum score of 400 was earned. The program appeals to existing professionals at universities who aspire towards advanced degrees to enhance leadership roles in administrative positions. This is a Ph.D. program in Business includes a summer residency requirement of two summers at four weeks each. There will be online courses provided during the academic year. Hence, the program is suitable for busy professionals seeking an advanced degree in business to increase their credentials in their current or future industry role and/or for advancement in academia or entrance to academic careers.

Curriculum Sequence (Requirements)

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