Amazon Robotics Workshop

In today’s technology-driven world, preparing students for the future workforce is more important now than ever before. Introducing young students to technology before they reach higher education can increase their ability to become innovative critical thinkers and more creative members of the future workforce. As the government and private sectors address the need and importance of robotics, programs and laws are emerging that incorporate this technology into their public education system. Hampton is teaching students the basics of robotics and thereby exposing them to the realities and exciting opportunities of a future that includes robotics in science, engineering, and business.

As one of the fastest-growing career areas, the industry seeks partnerships to increase the diversity of the pool of students selecting robotics as they explore the STEM field. Amazon Robotics (AR) is one of the growing industries that recognize the need for new and innovative individuals with ideas. AR understands that without robotics education in schools, K-12, and at the university level, the pipeline of potential innovators with the requisite skills and competencies will hamper their ability to realize their mission and corporate goals.

By investing in developing Hampton’s Robotics program, AR seeks to support building a more robust program that supports cloud-based robotics research, infrastructure improvements, and STEM-based activities to increase the overall talent pipeline. These activities will simultaneously support Hampton’s own digital transformation. AR’s objective is to invest and fund activities with a goal to create opportunities for increased internship enrollment, enhance university-wide brand awareness of AR, and provide AR staff more avenues for interaction on campus. Ultimately, AR seeks to ensure more opportunities for deserving Hampton students with the goal of securing the best students as new full-time employees at AR.