Expectations of Students

Students are expected to maintain acceptable standards of conduct, as defined by the University, on and off campus. They are especially reminded to observe the regulations with respect to student demonstrations, visitation in the residence halls initiation, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, honesty on examinations, honesty in matters dealing with the personal property of others and in scholarly writings or research. Appropriate decorum is expected in the library, dining halls, auditorium, classrooms, offices and at social affairs. It is never appropriate to use profanity, vile, obscene, threatening and/or otherwise abusive language. The possession or use of knives, firearms or weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Students must never accost, cajole, or proselytize students, parents or others who are invited to the campus. Students are advised that visitors to the University should always be treated as one would treat a guest in one’s home.

Reports received by the University of student misconduct, arrest, or involvement with other illegal or illicit activities off-campus are subject to administrative review for disciplinary action up to and including separation from Hampton University.

Students should always be honest in all endeavors while on or off the campus. Students found making false statements during class related experiences, on documents related to any services or programs offered at the University, during investigations into allegations of misconduct, or during administrative disciplinary proceedings will be subject to separation ( suspension or expulsion) from Hampton University.

Students are expected to cooperate fully with University Officials, staff, faculty and other agents/designated persons at Hampton University. Failure to follow the directives or requests of University officials will subject the individual(s) to severe and immediate disciplinary action, as determined by the Dean of Students, Dean of Women or Dean of Men.

The University reserves the right to take disciplinary measures compatible with its own best interest.