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The Hampton University School of Business offers a five year undergraduate/graduate program leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In addition, a Doctor of Philosophy program in Business Administration is provided through Hampton University Online and the Graduate College.

Five-Year Undergraduate and Graduate MBA Program
The five-year MBA program includes 163 academic hours of coursework with an imbedded undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Competencies in the five-year MBA are achieved through an interdisciplinary approach that provides students with:

  • a liberal education;
  • a broad accounting, technology and engineering-based business background;
  • interpersonal skills; and,
  • structured and varied work experiences;

Professional application and refinement activities are required to insure business sophistication and the internalization of professional skills, character and critical thinking skills.

The Leadership Application Program
The objective of the five-year MBA is to prepare students for professional positions in the management of organizations of varying sizes, technologies and objectives. The Leadership Application Program is designed to assure the development of non-technical behavior-based competencies, which transcend individual disciplines in the dynamic world of business.

Admission Requirements
The five-year MBA program is a rigorous, time absorbing and demanding academic platform. The curriculum is structured with a built in case and team-based methodology of real world intensity. As a result, with rare exception, only incoming undergraduate students will be admitted to the Program. A minimum SAT score of 1050 (math and critical reading only) or a score of 22 on the ACT, along with impressive high school transcripts and three strong personal references are required for admission.

Program Flexibility
Although the professional MBA is a broad, general degree, concentrations may be acquired by taking business and free electives in an area of specialty consistent with their professional interests. For example, students desiring a concentration in accounting leading to eligibility to take the Uniform CPA Examination can do so by selecting accounting courses for their free elective and graduate business electives.

Students in the MBA program are required to complete two internships with two companies. Students must complete one compensated internship prior to qualification to enroll in 600 level MBA coursework.

Retention Requirements
A minimum grade of “B” is expected in all MBA courses taken at Hampton University and an overall grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken at Hampton University is necessary to graduate. Students receiving two “C” grades in the 4th or 5th year in 500 and 600 designated graduate course work are considered on probation. Courses for which “C” grades were earned must be retaken. Students with three “C” grades in these years will be suspended for at least one semester if their cumulative grade point average is above 3.0. Students will be dropped from the program if their cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 and they have three “C” grades in 500 and 600 level courses.

Continuance in the Program
Development in this demanding and competitive MBA program is both integrative and cumulative. Therefore, students who fail to maintain the required GPA (as shown below) for any semester will be counseled to pursue other majors.

At the end of:
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year
Required GPA:

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