Departing/Outbound Traffic

When departing, be patient… the crowd trickles in, but floods out. Wait out the departing crowd if you can, take a last walk through campus.

There will be three outbound traffic routes to three I-64 interchanges; see imagery below:

  • To the Armistead Ave. I-64 interchange. Traffic exiting campus from the main gate and TylerSt. gate (behind Holly Tree/CEC) will turn left on Hampton Harbor Ave. (at Harvey Library)and turn left on Settlers Landing Rd. (at Starbucks), go over the bridge into downtownHampton. I-64 access is at the Armistead Ave. I-64 interchange.
  • To the Settlers Landing I-64 interchange: Via Emancipation Dr., by way of Marshall Ave.gate, lot 11, or lot 10 north gate.
  • Mallory St. I-64 interchange. Traffic exiting from the lot 10 south gate, from Shore Rd, andfrom the V.A. Medical Center will proceed on MLK Jr. Blvd. to Mallory St. I-64 interchange.

Reserved Lots:

  • Lot 11 between Holland Hall and Convocation Center is reserved for handicap, VIP, and HUleadership & administration decaled vehicles only.
  • Lot 10 (Africa) opens at 7:15 am and is reserved for guests only – no participant parking.



Student Leaders 

Where To Park

Lots 7 & 17 behind Student Center until full, then Bemis Lawn 
Bemis Lawn
V.A. Medical Center
Your decaled lot or Bemis Lawn
Your decaled lot or Bemis Lawn
Your decaled lot (not lot 11), Bemis lawn, V-C lawn, V.A. Medical Center
V-C Lawn for McGrew Conference Center event
Lot 10 and the V.A. Medical Center.

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