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Bateman, Walter L. (book) Open to Question
Beyer, Kirk D.,

John W. Creswell,

Nancy J. Egly,

Alan T. Seagreen,

& Daniel W. Wheeler - (book)
The Academic Chairperson's Handbook
Bogue, E. Grady

& Robert L. Saunders - (book)
The Evidence for Quality
Brinbaum, Robert - (book)How Colleges Work
Brown, David G.; Editor - (book)Teaching with Technology Seventy-five Professors
from Eight Universities Tell Their Stories
McKeachie, Wilbert J.

& Graham Gibbs - (paperback)
Teaching Tips Strategies,
Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers
Department of Fine & Performing Arts - (binder)Model Department Handbook
Eble, Kenneth E. &

Wilbert J. McKeachie - (book)
Improving Undergraduate
Education Through Faculty Development
Fitz-Gibbon, Carol Taylor

Lynn Lyons Morris - (paperback)
How to Design Program Evaluation
Frye, Bill J.;  Editor - (paperback) Teaching in College A Resource for College
Gaff, Jerry G.,

Anne S. Pruitt-Logan,

Richard A. Weibl,

& Participants in the Preparing Future Faculty Program - (paperback)
Building The Faculty We Need Colleges and
Universities Working Together
Glathorn,  Alan A. - (paperback)Curriculum Renewal
Gmelch, Walter H.

Val D. Miskin - (book)
Leadership Skills For Department Chairs
Greive, Donald - (paperback) A Handbook For Adjunct/Part-time Faculty
and Teachers of Adults
Grunert, Judith - (paperback) The Course Syllabus
Halonen, Jane S. Ph.D.; Book Editor:

Cromwell, Lucy S. Ph.D.; Series Editor - (paperback)
Teaching Critical Thinking in Psychology
Haney, Walter M.,

George F. Madaus

& Robert Lyons - (book)
The Fractured Marketplace for Standardized
Henerson, Marlene E.

Lynn Lyons Morris

Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon - (paperback)
How to Measure Attitudes
Jacobs, Lucy Cheser

& Clinton I. Chase - (book)
Developing and Using Test Effectively
Jerry G. Gaff  - (book)

General Education Today
Levine, Arthur - (book)When Dreams And Heroes Died
Locke, Lawrence E.,

Waneen Wyrick Spirduso,

& Stephen J. Silverman - (book)
Proposals That Work
Meyers, Chet

Thomas B. Jones - (book)
Promoting Active Learning
Morris, Lynn Lyons

Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbons,

& Elaine Lindheim - (paperback)
How to Measure Performance
and Use Tests
Murray, Margo

 with Marna A. Owen - (book)
Beyond The Myths and Magic of Mentoring
Orr, Margaret Terry - (book)Keeping Students in School
Perrone, Vito; Editor - (paperback)Expanding Student Assessment
Pickett, Sarah M. - (paperback)Preparing for a Global
Raymond J. Woodkowski - (book)Enhancing Adult Motivation
Rehwaldt, Higgerson - (book)Complexities of Higher
Education Administration
Rudestam, Kjell Erik

& Rae R. Newton - (book)
Surviving Your Dissertation
Sarkisian, Ellen - (paperback)Teaching American Students
Schmidt, Marty J. - (paperback)Understanding and Using Statistics Basic
Schumacher, PhD, Dorin - (book)Get Funded!
Tchudi, Stephen; Editor - (paperback)Alternatives to Grading Student Writing
Vaill, Peter B. - (book)Managing Performing Art
Vineyard, Edwin E. - (book)The Pragmatic Presidency
Wilcox, John R.

& Susan J. Ebbs - (paperback)
The Leadership Compass
Winston, Jr., Robert B.

Warren C. Bonney,

Theodore K. Miller,

& John C. Dagley -  (book)
Promoting Student Development Through Intentionally
Structured Groups
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