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of Undergraduate Studies-Syracuse University
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are Headed North"
"Teaching Excellence Teleconference: alternatives
to the Lecture (Part 1)"
Brookside Community College 1991
"The Best of '88"EDUCOM Software Initiative and the National Center for Research

Improve Post Secondary Teaching and Learning (NCRIPTAL)
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"1991 CAUSE ELITE Award Winner"Hawkins, Brian L. Brown University
"The Electronic Classroom"Johnston, Jerome and Gardner, Susan

1987 -Regents of the University of Michigan for NCRIPTAL
"Seeing Beyond the Obvious-Perception"NASA & University of Virginia
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"CAUSE IN 2011"Roberts, Michael "Helping to Realize the Global Village
"Teaching in America"The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and learning, Harvard University
"1990 CAUSE ELITE Award Winners"West, Thomas A. California State University System
"2003 and Beyond"Workshop, Hampton University CTE
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