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The Administrative Core provides oversight and leadership to the Center, creates a cohesive collaborative infrastructure that manages, coordinates, integrates, and supports the scope of the Center’s activities.  The Administrative Core fosters communication through integrated research, training, and community engagement, which is vital to research and implementation related to the elimination of health disparities.  The Administrative Core will monitor progress of all TCC research  to ensure component plans are compliant in accordance with applicable federal rules, regulations, and policies in order to fulfill the Center’s mission:  to foster communication and collaboration in developing integrative solutions which will effectively promote change in making substantial advances in health disparities and improving the health and well-being of minority men.  The Administrative Core will provide an organizational and administrative structure to Support the operation of the Center and insure collaboration and interaction among stakeholders.  Functioning as the administrative unit of the Center, the Administrative Core will be responsible for but not be limited to the following specific aims:

Aim 1:  Efficiently and effectively, manage the overall operations of the HU-HBCU TCC and monitor progress on the research objectives and projects of the HU-HBCU TCC.

Aim 2:  Allocate and manage personnel and the financial accounts related to TCC activities, provide fiscal oversight of all projects and cores, and implement processes for the need and use of shared resources.

Aim 3:  Coordinate and schedule all external and internal meetings and conferences, including meetings of the Consortium Steering Committee, External Advisory Group, and other experts and consultants; maintain records and logs for budgetary and regulatory purposes; proactively identify potential non-compliance situations before they become problematic.

Aim 4:  Facilitate communications and provide information through development and maintenance of an interactive website with a general access component for the HBCU Coalition and wider collaborators;  password-protected internal components tailored to the specific needs of individual projects and cores; and facilitate internal and external communication among all TCC investigators and communicate reports of progress to National Institute for Minority Health and Health Disparities.

Aim 5:  Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the overall Center and its units. 

The Administrative Core staff will ensure effective oversight, implementation, and management of key activities, such as procurement, finances (subcontract initiation/partnership agreements), personnel review, and monitoring, fiscal responsibility in planning and budgeting, strategic, and scientific planning, and coordination of key research activities.  The Administrative Core will provide the complete oversight necessary to achieve Center goals. 

Key People

Administrative Core:  

Name Organization Role
Dr. Raymond SamuelHampton UniversityPI
Dr. Nicholas KenneyHampton UniversityCo- PI
Attorney Cheryl Gray EvansHampton UniversityPM
Douglas SlaughterHampton UniversityDPM


National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD)

Funding for the Minority Men’s Health Initiative is supported by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) of the NIH,
award number U54MD008621-01.

Partner Institutions

Howard University National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education North Carolina A&T State University Clark Atlanta University