Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main office hours?

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

How do I become a member?
You may sign up in person at the main office or via the website. To join online, click the link “Join OLLI-HU”, fill out the form and pay your dues.

Membership Fee Benefits: Annual Membership (per academic year | September-June) | $50

Members may:
-Participate in all Osher sponsored Activities & Workshops (does not include courses)
-Attend Day, National, and International Trips
-Receive email updates about all OLLI at HU program offerings
-Subscribe to the OLLI at HU quarterly newsletter
-Receive early notifications on OLLI trips and events

Course Fee: Additional $50 for up to 3 courses per academic year | September-June

If a member takes only 1 course in a 6 week session they will have two remaining courses for the remaining academic year.
If a member takes
3 courses during a 6 week session they will have to pay an additional $50 to take up to 3 more courses for the remainder of the year.

Examples of Membership Scenarios:
Ex 1. John Doe wants to join OLLI at HU and register for the Google It, Swimming, and Yoga classes. 
He pays: $50 (Basic Membership Fee) + $50 (Course Registration Fee / Spans the full academic year | September-June) = $100

Ex 2. John Doe wants to join OLLI at HU but not register for classes. 
He pays: $50 (Basic Membership Fee / Spans the full academic year | September-June) 

Ex 3. John Doe pays his membership and course registration for the academic year. However, during the first 6 week session (September 1 – October 6) He used all 3 course options by taking google it, yoga, and swimming.
Therefore, he must pay an additional $50 to gain up to 3 courses for any of the following six week sessions during the academic year.