Hampton University Purchasing

Hampton University Purchasing

The Purchasing Department assists faculty, staff, and students with the identification, selection, and timely acquisition of required goods and services. This is to be accomplished as economically as possible, within accepted standards of quality using professional ethics and best business practices.

The Purchasing Department provides for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, and services, with the objective thatthey will be available at the proper time, the proper place, in quantity, quality, and price consistent with the needs of the University. Purchasing gives prime consideration to the University’s interest while seeking to maintain and further long-term ethical supplier relationships.

The Central Warehouse/Trucking Services assists faculty and staff in the purchasing process by receiving, processing, and delivering purchased materials, supplies, and equipment. Central Warehouse/Trucking Services will warehouse high use materials and supplies in a central location to support University operations and assist faculty, staff, and students by providing shipping and receiving services for business and personal goods.

American Purchasing Society
Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing
National Association of Educational Procurement

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