Step 1 – Is the good or service less than $5,000.00

If the good or service is $4,999.99 or less, you can use this procedure, excluding travel. Otherwise, please use the “processing a paper requisition” procedure or use the Banner delivered requisition process if your unit is entering requisitions directly into Banner.

Step 2 – Get approval for the purchase

Get at least one quote for the goods or services. Fill out the Payment Voucher Form located at: 

Small Purchase Voucher Form

If using a new vendor that is not currently set up in the University system, you will need to obtain a W-9 and Vendor Verification form located Here –  Purchasing : Online Requisitioning. Please have the vendor complete the W-9 and Vendor Verification form, and email it back to you. 

– Email the vendor quote with the Payment Voucher form. For a new vendor, please also include the W-9 and the Vendor Verification form in the same email. 

– You will receive an email from letting you know your purchase is approved. If approved, go to Step 3.

If not approved, please discuss with your Dean, VP, Provost, AD or division head. That person can discuss it with the SVP for Business Operations and Finance.

Step 3 – Get the invoice paid

If approved, you will forward the approval email with the actual signed invoice (not the quote) and Payment Voucher Form attached to for payment. If you have any question, please email