Hi Kayla,

I hope this finds you well! 

Cassie forwarded your message and I would be happy to help you further.  Cassie is the account exec who can provide visibility into new products outside the scope of the current Hampton University contract.

I am your account manager. As your account manager, my primary goals are to support satisfaction and trustworthiness with key Hampton team members and work toward shared objectives.  Ultimately, grow and expand the partnership to benefit the University’s processes by providing business solutions. We do this by establishing goals, identify the best communication cadence, and assess the state and health of the partnership during quarterly account reviews. I am here to help you maximize value out of the investment you’ve made with Everbridge.  

Chief Glover and I decided to make our cadence a monthly meeting for now and one day we will move to quarterly.  Our next one is slated for March 7th at 1PM.  Should we include you?

A couple of things, Everbridge does not have a SDK as we want to alert recipients to download our Everbridge app.  However, I completely understand the value of having a Hampton University branded app available in the various app stores.

The current contract has our Mass Notification platform.  As well as the following apps, ManageBridge, Everbridge app for alert recipients and HippaBridge which I believe is used by the health center.  Chief and I are not sure if that will make it into this year’s renewal since there is a cost associated and we think it might be better to add in the Incident Communication module.  The other 2 apps are currently no cost.

That was a lot to read to find out that we don’t have an SDK.  But maybe I can provide some workarounds for what the school would like to see in the app.

Tell me what your goals are by pulling Everbridge into the Hampton University app? 

Lisa Durel

Office: (818) 230-9736

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