Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Hampton Team. Please see the summary below.

• The Hampton Team has been provided with the following Portal URL info by Unifyed. The Hampton Team will log in to the Engage platform with their same LookingGlass credentials.

URL for the Pre-Production Portal:  [] During the portal cutover, this URL will be changed to “”

Test Portal URL: []

• Unifyed and the Hampton team agreed that the project would be delivered in 2 phases, with Portal Phase 1 launching on May 11th with SSOs and content. If the date is changed, the Hampton Team will notify us.

• The Hampton team is also working on the mobile app developer accounts. Meanwhile, the Unifyed Team will begin developing the Hampton Mobile App for Android devices and will release the APK once it is complete.

• The Hampton Team informed us that the Middleware server is up and running, but that the SSL certificate and Banner connection are still in the process. After that, the Unifyed Team will get on a working session and configure the Middleware war file.

• During the Portal project cutover, the Hampton Team would need to make the DNS entry below to route user traffic to the Hampton Engage Portal. On Hampton’s DNS list, the following CNAME entry must be inserted.

• The Unifyed Team will arrange a Portal Admin training session for the Hampton Team in the second week of April and will communicate the time choices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Aaron Taneja |Project Manager, Unifyed Product | T: (844) 566 5452 x128