WHOV Underwriters

As a WHOV program underwriter, you will help cover the cost of providing quality public radio programming to the Tidewater / Hampton Roads and areas covering from just north of Williamsburg, Virginia down to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Underwriting with WHOV gives your organization the means to reach a highly responsive listening audience. Public radio listeners across the country are dedicated to public radio. As a WHOV underwriter, your organization will enjoy high visibility among this audience.

Your organization, company or business will be entitled to receive on-air credit in the form of 30 or 60 second Underwriting Credit Announcements (UCA) read during the time of each sponsored program segment informing listeners of your financial support.

WHOV Underwriting Guidelines

All underwriting announcements for public radio stations around the country must abide by regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Current standards allow stations like WHOV to carry enhanced underwriting announcements. This gives underwriters the opportunity to provide listeners with information about their business or organization, its products and services. Underwriting announcements might include some, but not all, of the following:

  • The underwriter’s name, subsidiary, operating division, or parent company.
  • The physical address, general location, phone number and/or web address of the business.
  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service.
  • Trade names or service listings that identify the underwriter.

Consider This

Underwriting on 88.1 WHOV FM Hampton University Radio is a proven way to distinguish your business or organization. Our on-air acknowledgements effectively inform listeners, many of whom are difficult to reach via other media about your business, organization or event.

  • 80% of public radio listeners hold a more positive image of companies that support public non-commercial radio.*
  • 70% say that a company’s support of public non-commercial radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company’s products or services.*

Marketing Benefits


Unlike commercial advertising, your underwriting message doesn’t need to compete in a cluttered environment,it stands out and is heard.

Active Listeners

88.1 WHOV FM Radio listeners outside of our college population don’t just listen, they get involved. They are leaders in their communities. They are decision makers, people on whom your underwriting message will have impact.

Quality Audience

88.1 WHOV FM listeners are generally well educated and affluent. Some distinguishing characteristics of the public non-commercial radio audience, compared to average U.S. adults, are:

  • 120% more college graduates**
  • 124% more listeners with annual incomes of $50,000 or more**
  • Twice the number of professionals and managers**
  • more likely to be active in local civic issues**

* Source: A Comprehensive Analysis of Public Radio Listeners, Liebold & Assoc., Inc., Annapolis, MD.

** Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau Study of Media and Markets.

For more information about program underwriting on 88.1 WHOV Hampton University, please contact:

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