Pre-College Summer Program: June 14 - July 19, 2024

The Hampton University Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program is a five-week, academic enrichment, residential program. The Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program promotes and secures an environment where students will have an opportunity to grow personally, while they enhance their academic and leadership possibilities. By attending the program, students will gain exposure to the full range of resources and facilities that are made available to them by the university. The program invites students that will complete their junior or senior year of high school by June 2024 as well as students who may not be attending Hampton University in the fall, but would like a head start on introductory courses. This year the Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program will be held June 14 – July 19, 2024.

In addition to our mandatory math tutorials, we also provide weekly enrichment seminars that include topics on “Test Taking and Time Management Skills”, “Career Counseling”, and “The Freshman Experience”. When providing these types of seminars, it is our goal to address issues that first year college students may encounter. The academic curriculum is complemented with engaging student activities where students have the opportunity to participate in special interest events such as; intramural sports, social activities, a talent show, and a field trip to Busch Gardens the last weekend of the program.

The program’s finale includes the Annual Pre-College Awards Ceremony where we give the professors an opportunity to recognize students who have improved or achieved outstanding academics for the duration of the program. Every year the program invites a keynote speaker who addresses a topic that is timely and extremely educational for the students. The message usually centers itself on the Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program’s motto: “Good, better, best; never let it rest; until your good is better; and your better is best”.

Mission & Goals

Hampton University is genuinely concerned with the difficulty many students have transitioning from high school to college. Therefore, the college seeks to enroll promising students from outstanding secondary schools to attend our summer program. Hampton remaining faithful to this traditional commitment of coping with the problems of educating students whose potential and promise may have been inhibited by lack of economic, social, and/or educational opportunity. One expression of this commitment is in the Pre-College/Summer Bridge Program, so established in 1953 because it spans the gap between secondary and post-secondary education.

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Director: Mrs. Jere White