McGrew Towers Conference Center

The McGrew Towers Conference Center is located on the Hampton River and offers picturesque waterfront views from each of its conference rooms. Built in 1982, it is a modern residence hall for girls as well as a conference center for meetings and special events. During the months of May through July, the residence hall is available for overnight accommodations for both internal and external organizations. The conference center is used for conferences, special events, and meetings by a wide range of organizations. For further information on booking, please contact the Office of Special Projects. The Office of Off-Campus Housing is also located in the Conference Center, to assist students with securing housing in the surrounding communities during their enrollment at Hampton University.

Conference Center Layout

Rooms range in size from 400 to 2736 sq.ft., with seating available for 15 to 350 people, depending upon your choice of setup. All rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows.Our kitchen boasts two refrigerators, a freezer, four warmers, and a six-burner electric stove with oven. Also, three full-size sinks, a bar sink, and plenty of counter space. Direct access to the kitchen, including delivery access, is available.There is also a registration desk and lounge area with cable TV.

High-speed internet access is available in rooms A & C Facilities via the University’s network, WIFI: HU_Guest_Hotspot is needed to access the network.

Residence Hall Rental

McGrew Towers Residence Hall offers 151 rooms on nine floors, with a total capacity of 302, double occupancy. The Residence Hall is available for rent from May through July. Rates are $50 per night, single or double occupancy. 24-hour desk service is provided for all overnight accommodations. For more information or to inquire about availability, please contact us.

Residence Hall Features

  • Waterfront views in some rooms
  • Front Desk Assistance
  • 24 Hour Security Desk Coverage
  • Security Cameras
  • PA System
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Elevators
  • Snack Room with microwave, icemaker, and lounge

McGrew Towers Residence Hall, First Floor

The first floor consists of seven suites with private baths, four with waterfront views.One is handicapped accessible. Each room has a telephone and private bathroom, along with Internet access via the University network, WIFI: HU_Guest_Hotspot There is also a registration desk, lounge area, laundry facilities, and a vending area with an ice machine and microwave.

McGrew Towers Residence Hall, Second Through Ninth Floors

The second through ninth floors consist of four quads per floor. Each quad consists of either four bedrooms or five bedrooms. Each quad has two beds per room, a bathroom, and a lounge area. Each bedroom has Internet access via the University network and a private telephone. (WIFI: HU_Guest_Hotspot). Elevators are located in the center of the building, and stairs are located to the north and south of the elevators.


McGrew Towers Conference Center was named after Hattie Tyreatha Smith McGrew, a graduate of Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in 1893. Until her death in March 1981, at the age of 107, she was the oldest known living Alumni of the Institute.