Department of Freshman Studies

New Student Orientation

Congratulations on your acceptance to Hampton University!

As a new Hampton University student, we want you to feel right at home at your new “Home By The Sea”, we feel your excitement, so let’s get ready to set sail! New Student Orientation Week is designed to help you, our newest students, transition into college life and the Hampton Way. We anticipate that you all will have lots of questions, rest assure that our staff is here to assist you, making your transition as smooth as possible. During New Student Orientation Week you will be provided with information about campus resources, programs and services. Additionally, you will be paired with an upperclassman member of The Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program who will serve as your guides during NSO Week and beyond.

New Student Orientation Week gives you the required tools needed to navigate through campus, and introduces you to the Pirate Community and the many aspects of Hampton University, to include, Student Life, Academic Policies, and The Student Code of Conduct. You will be introduced to Faculty, Staff and other members of the Pirate family that will help you start your journey on the right path.

Please be advised during New Student Orientation Week, all new students will be required to attend their Departmental Meetings and Advisement Sessions. It is at these meetings that students will meet their Departmental Advisors and Departmental Deans and Chairs. It is also at these meetings where students will be given the opportunity to ask any questions about their major curricula and their class schedules. Schedules will also be reviewed and approved, often approval requires that adjustments be made, if needed students will be given the opportunity to do so at that time without penalty.

During New student Move-in students will be given their Freshman Studies Welcome pack which will contain their calendar for the week, Parents it is extremely important that you don’t take this packet home with you, students will need it throughout their orientation week.

Once you have completed orientation, you would have taken part in one of our long-standing traditions. On Friday, August 23, 2024, New Student Orientation Week will culminate with a memorable “New Student Induction Ceremony.” Young ladies will be required to wear white dresses or suits and young men must wear dark suits with a dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. Once the Ceremony is concluded you will officially be declared a Hamptonian!

Plan and Prepare to Arrive

Please follow the check-in instructions provided to you by the Office of Residence Life. That information contains your residence hall assignment along with your specific move-in day and time.

Friday August 16, 2024:
Harkness Hall
Kelsey Hall
Virginia-Cleveland Hall
Virginia Cleveland Suites

Saturday August 17, 2024:
James Hall Suites
Kennedy Hall
McGrew Towers
Orchard Road Hall
Twitchell Hall

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