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Pirate Academic Notification (PAN-ALERT) – For Faculty

Program description

Hampton University has a vested interest in students doing well in their courses. The Pirate Academic Notification system exemplifies how the academic community rallies together to support student success. We come together to support those who are in need of assistance and support student learning. This intervention is only one step in the retention efforts of our student population. PAN – ALERT is an online early intervention method that allows faculty and educators alike to identify struggling students and connect them to college resources.

Are there students in your classes who:

Have missed several class periods within the first few weeks of class?

Alert – Class Absence:

  • Students have missed 2 or more consecutive classes and/or missed regularly (but not consecutively)
  • Students has stopped attending your class
  • Student has not responded to your communication after missing one or more classes

Have low test grades and/or quiz?

Could use assistance with time management or study skills?

Have writing, reading and math deficiencies?

Alert – Poor Grades/Assignment Concerns:

  • Student never, rarely, or inconsistently turns in assignments
  • Student has not turned in a major assignment       
  • Student quiz/exam grade indicate they’re not grasping the material
  • Student has missed an exam and has not contacted you within a reasonable amount of time
  • Student grade is in jeopardy if the current level of performance continues

Displays social misconduct or is disruptive in the class room?

Have personal issues that interfere with class attendance?

Alert – Other:

  •  Student is demonstrating a lack of engagement/participation
  • Student is experiencing technology issues
  • Student does not have required materials to be successful in the course
  • Student mentions they’re stressed about their financial situation or has an unforeseen financial emergency

Performance is high or has significantly changed for the better?

Kudos Alert – Other:

  • Student makes significant efforts in contributing to being engaged in class
  • Student demonstrates exemplary performance
  • Student would make a good Student Success Center Peer Leader
  • Student has made significant positive academic behavior changes
Pirate Academic Notification Procedures

Each semester referrals are submitted to the
campus contact by completing the PAN-ALERT Form (login required).

( Refer only one student per form to preserve confidentiality.)
Note: Please be sure to let your students know they have been identified as at risk of failing and a PAN-ALERT has been issued. The student should expect an e-mail correspondence and letter in regards to their next step.

Student Contact:  Students are encouraged to respond within 48 hours of receiving the notification.

  • Students who have not responded 72 hours after the initial referral will be notified and given another opportunity to contact the office for assistance.
  • One week after the initial referral, the designee sends follow up to the professor and indicates which students were contacted.

During the initial appointment:

  • Student signs the follow up form providing permission to inform referring instructor of topics addressed during meeting
  • Student completes an academic intake form to determine their needs
  • Academic intervention
  • Handouts regarding student success may be given and techniques discussed regarding main areas of concern
  • Student may be referred to Student Success Center, Reading Lab, Math Lab, Writing Center, Student Health Center, Counseling, etc.

During the semester: Students will be required to meet with a counselor once every two weeks or as often as needed.

Follow up: Designee will follow up with the individual Professor regarding student contact. The follow up may include whether or not contact was made and or what resources were recommended.

Please understand the information you provide will be shared with the students.

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