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Registration Error Messages & Codes

Note: ALL first time Freshman are required to take English 101 and 102 during their Freshman year. Freshman are also required to take University 101 during the first semester of the academic year. If you should have difficulty registering for any of the above mentioned courses, contact the Department of Freshman Studies 757-727-5243 or

  1. LINK ERROR – When registering on HUNet for a lecture that has an accompanying lab, you must submit the lecture portion and the lab portion at the same time because these are linked classes. They cannot be acquired independently of each other.
  2. PREREQ – If you see this message, it is a prerequisite error. It means that you are not eligible to take this course until you successfully complete either a required test or a lower level course first. For instance MAT 117 has a prerequisite course, MAT 105 or a S.A.T math score of 450. (In order to override a prerequisite, you must be manually input into the desired course by the Dean of the school offering the course. It is at the Dean’s discretion.)
  3. SR” – When you search for courses to add to your schedule and you see “SR” to the left of every course, then there is a block or flag on your ID#. It may be due to any or all of the following reasons: (Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information)
    • Unpaid traffic ticket(s)
    • Not Financially Clear
    • No Local and/or Permanent Address
    • Readmitted after a dismissal, but dismissal code inadvertently left on record
    • Active academic probation flag
  4. NR” – When you search for courses to add to your schedule and you see “NR” to the left of every course, then it’s because registration has not begun yet, or it’s not your particular time to register. All students have a particular time and day when their registration begins based on their last name. Once your registration time has arrived, you should be able to register from that time until the end of registration.
  5. COREQ – Like labs and lectures, corequisites are linked courses that must be taken at the same time. If you get this message, then you must submit (register) the courses together. In some cases (i.e. Nursing), there may be a series of 3 courses that are connected.
  6. DUPLICATE – The system will give this message if a student submits a CRN# for a course that is already on the schedule. On other occasions, courses may become “stuck” on the schedule because someone manually dropped it. If you see it on HUNet but there is no dropdown box, then that course has become stuck in a drop status on the schedule, and the computer is reading it as if you are still registered in the course. At this point, if you try to add another section of that course, the system will say “duplicate” because it sees the dropped course as if it were still on your schedule. If this happens, the only way to get it removed completely is through a manual drop. The Registrar’s Office will have to perform the manual drop to remove the course completely from the schedule. XXIV
  7. RESTRICTION – Certain courses each semester may be reserved for certain groups of students. These courses may be reserved for a particular major or level. To make sure that these courses cannot be accessed by everyone, a code is placed on the course that will allow only the desired group of students to register for the courses. You might see the following messages when you try to register for a course that is restricted to a certain student population:
    • Campus Restriction
    • Major Restriction
    • Level Restriction
    • Class Restriction
    • Program Restriction
    (In order to register for a restricted course, you must obtain a signed override form from the Department offering the course during the add/drop period. ** In regard to level restriction, Graduate students may take undergraduate level courses. The courses must be manually input into the system by Registrar’s Office personnel. However, Undergraduate students may not take Graduate level courses.)
  8. PROCESSING ERROR – This is an internal computer error that must be rectified by Registrar’s Office personnel. If you get this error when registering for a course, write down the course prefix, number and crn and contact the Registrar’s Office.

Note: Always Make Sure That You Do Not Go Into Any “Ce” Terms By Mistake. “Ce” Is For A Specific Group Of Continuing Education Students. It Is Not Intended For Use By Regular Students. Do Not Click On Any Term Or Course With “Ce” Beside It.

Other Required Reading & Important Information

Student Technology Guide (4MB PDF Download) Required Reading

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