Event Planning

Welcome to the Event Planning page, we’re here to help you through all the steps of planning a successful event on campus. If you have any questions, please refer to the information below or contact us.

Steps to plan a successful event

  1. Submit a Triplicate Request for Room Reservation Form.  All triplicate requests must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to event date.
  2. The person/organization requesting event is responsible for securing all signatures necessary on the triplicate form.
  3. Student Activities Events Administrator/Coordinator will receive and assist with completing contracts for DJ, lecturers, performers, inflatables, etc. based on the correct funding source.
  4. All Bake Sales, Bazaars, or Fund Raisers that include food sales must complete a permit application, and Submit to the City of Hampton Health Department 5-7 days prior to the event. The Hampton Temporary Food Sale or Distribution Permit can be obtained by visiting the City of Hampton Website.
  5. Finally, once all the above is complete, the Events Permit is approved and issued. All final set-up needs must be confirmed with either Mr. Deshawn Savedge, Building Services, and Media Productions.

Tips for Event Planning

  • Plan Ahead: know the basics of your event before contacting anyone.
  • Know who to contact and when they should be contacted.
  • Fill out all necessary forms and build in some time for it to process. (at least three (3) weeks prior to event date)
  • Read the policies and procedures for your event once it has been approved.
  • Relay all the information, including policies, to your entire organization so every member is aware of the information.
Arranging a Bake Sale

Both a Triplicate Request Form, and a Hampton City Temporary Food Sale or Distribution Permit are necessary to conduct a Bake Sale. Both permits are available in the Student Activities Office. The Hampton City Temporary Food Sale or Distribution Permit can be obtained by visiting the City of Hampton Website.

Only baked foods that are individually wrapped can be sold. Reservations for a Bake Sale can be made in the Student Activities Office for tables Monday-Friday.

Planning a Movie Event
  • If you are planning a movie event outside of the Student Center Theater, you will need to reserve space with the Office of Student Activities. (If you expect a large audience, we recommend Drive In on Student Center Lawn.)
  • Complete a Triplicate Request Form. You can obtain a Triplicate Request Form by visiting the Student Activities Office or request one by sending a message to studentactivities@hamptonu.edu
  • Secure the “Public Performance Rights” of the film you want to show through the Office of Student Activities. Remember, simply having the DVD or VHS does NOT give you the legal right to screen the movie in public.
  • The rights for many films are available through Swank Motion Pictures.  Please contact the Office of Student Activities staff member at 757-727-5691 for assistance.  If you will be serving food at your event, you must also submit a Food Permit.

Planning a Measured Run
If you are planning a race through The University Annual 5K by the Bay or another measured run on campus, please contact Mr. Anzell Harrell, Director of Student Activities to secure a date for your race and have the route approved prior to submitting the Events Permit request.

Important Details: 

  • The Student Activities Center staff or designee reserves the right to attend the event.
  • Each student organization must have Advisor present for the entirety of the event or the event will be cancelled.
  • Failure to follow policies and/or procedure can result in the loss of privileges and benefits of being a student organization and/or can be referred to the Office of Student Affairs.
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