Student Government Association

About Us

The Student Government Association (SGA) offers students an opportunity to develop sound judgment, maturity, and leadership skills by taking an active role in issues that govern student life at Hampton University. The SGA is composed of an Executive Cabinet, Student Senate, and Men and Women’s Caucuses. The Student Government Association is primarily charged with the task of representing all students and promoting the general welfare for every Hamptonian. The SGA works tirelessly to help provide a Hampton all students feel included, welcomed and supported.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the 2018-2019, Student Government Association is to elevate and sustain the quality of students’ life by increased collaboration and communication. We are committed to upholding the University’s longstanding traditions while innovatively creating new traditions for the Hampton University Student Body. We will strive to continue to help the university grow and move forward with a student minded perspective. The Student Government Association is completely dedicated to upholding Hampton University’s Mission Statement, and fostering unity among the students with the utmost dignity and respect.

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