CLEP Testing Policy

CLEP testing will be available to all students by appointment only. Please schedule your exam at least 48 hours prior to your desired test date. You may call to check availability however reservations are only made in person and are on a first come first serve basis.

ACLEP Testing is not being administered on campus due to campus COVID restrictions.

All CLEP exams must be scheduled in advance by phone at 757-727-5493 or in person with the Office of Testing Services in the Assessment Center, Armstrong-Slater Building. All exams are computer based. The reservation fee, which reserves an exam slot, is $20.00, non-refundable and payable in cash only to Testing Services. CLEP exams are available Monday- Friday by appointment only. Our office requires a 24-hour notice for any changes in exam date or time. Each exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes with the exception of the College Composition exam which is 2 hours.

As of 4/4/2024 the CLEP test payment fee of $93.00 is made online at prior to date of exam. You may print your admission ticket and bring it to the testing center on the day of your scheduled exam. Note the admission ticket includes your voucher number which is your proof of payment. Failure to bring your admission ticket to the exam could delay your test start or cause you to forfeit your scheduled exam time.

College Board policy states there is a 3-month waiting period before a failed exam can be retaken. Other CLEP exams may be taken within the 3-month waiting period.

A Hampton University student who has failed a course must have his or her faculty advisor provide a statement to the Office of Testing Services approving the student to take the CLEP exam to earn credit. This prevents a student from taking an exam for credit when his/her department requires that the credit for a particular course be earned in class.

Hampton University students wishing to take a CLEP exam at another test site must first have a consultation with the Office of Testing Services.

Reservations may be made Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. For questions, please contact Testing Services at 757-727-5493, or come to our office in the Student Success Center.

Hampton University CLEP Awards
CLEP Examination Score Required Credit Granted HU Equivalent Course
College Composition 50 6 ENG 101, 102
English Literature 50 6 ENG 203, 204
Humanities 50 6 HUM 201, 202
Pre Calculus 50 3 MAT 117
Chemistry 50 8 CHE 201, 202
Calculus w/Elementary Functions 50 8 MAT 151,152
College Mathematics* 50 6 MAT 110
Natural Sciences 50 6 BIO 101, SCI 102
French Level 1 50 6 FRE 101, 102
French Level 2 59 6 FRE 201,202
German Level 1 50 6 GER 101, 102
German Level 2 60 6 GER 201, 202
Spanish Level 1 50 6 SPA 101, 102
Spanish Level 2 63 6 SPA 201, 202
Intro to Educational Psychology 50 3 EDU 208
History of the US I & II 50 3 HIS 108
Human Growth & Development 50 3 PSY 311
Principles Of Macroeconomics 50 3 ECO 201
Principles Of Microeconomics 50 3 ECO 202
Introductory Psychology 50 3 PSY 203
Introductory Sociology 50 3 SOC 205
Financial Accounting 50 6 ACC 203, 204
Introductory Business Law 50 3 MGT 305
Principles of Management 50 3 MGT 301
Principles of Marketing 50 3 Business Elective

*If a CLEP exam is not listed, Hampton University does not award credit.

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with his/her department whether a course is eligible for CLEP credits, or if the course must be taken in class.

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