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Transfer Credit Search

The Office of Admission and the academic departments are responsible for evaluating credits earned from other educational institutions.The Office of Admission reviews all general education coursework. Other courses will be evaluated by an academic advisor within your major course of study.

The table below reflects course equivalencies from institutions within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). This table includes only the general education courses most commonly offered by colleges in the VCCS. Many additional VCCS courses may transfer. Please contact individual academic departments for specific information on additional course equivalencies.

Use the form below to look-up course equivalencies for transfer credit.

Select the appropriate course to see its transfer equivalent, or select “View All” from the drop-down list.

In order to be eligible for Federal Student Aid: You MUST have recieved a high school diploma or a General Education Development Certificate(GED). Completed a high school education in a home school setting approved under state law (or- if the state law does not require a homeschooled student to obtain a completion credential— completing a high school education in a home school setting that qualifies as an exemption from compulsory attendance requirements under state law), or pass an approved Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) test.

ART 101History & Appr of Art I3ART 200Understanding the Art3
BIO 101General Biology I4BIO 103General Biology4
CHM 111College Chemistry I4CHEM 201General Chemistry I4
CHM 112College Chemistry II4CHEM 202General Chemistry II4
CST 100Public Speaking3COM 236Public Speaking3
CST 110Introduction to communication3COM 103Oral Communications3
CST 229Intercultural Communication3COM 247Transcultural Communication3
ECO 201Principles of Economics I3ECO 201Economics3
ECO 202Principles of Economics II3ECO 202Principles of Economics3
ENG 111College Composition I3ENG 101Written Communication I3
ENG 112College Composition II3ENG 102Written Communication II3
ENG 115Technical Writing3ENG 218Technical Writing3
ENG 241Survey of American Lit I3ENG 311American Literature I3
ENG 242Survey of American Lit II3ENG 312American Literature II3
ENG 243Survey of English Lit. I3ENG 203English Literature I3
ENG 244Survey of English Lit. II3ENG 204English Literature II3
ENG 251Survey of World Lit. I3ENG 215World Literature I3
ENG 252Survey of World Lit. II3ENG 216World Literature II3
FRE 101Beginning French I4-5FRE 101Elementary French I3
FRE 102Beginning French II4-5FRE 102Elementary French II3
FRE 201Intermediate French I3-4FRE 201Intermediate French I3
FRE 202Intermediate French II3-4FRE 202Intermediate French II3
GEO 200Physical Geography3GEO 201Physical Geography3
GEO 221Regions of the World I3GEO 201World & Regional Geography3
GER 101Beginning German I4-5GER 101Elementary German I3
GER 102Beginning German II4-5GER 102Elementary German II3
GER 201Intermediate German I3-4GER 201Intermediate German I3
GER 202Intermediate German II3-4GER 202Intermediate German II3
HIS 111History of World Civ. I3HIS 105World Civilization I3
HIS 112History of World Civ II.3HIS 106World Civilization II3
HIS 121U.S. History I3HIS 201History of US to 18653
HIS 122U.S. History II3HIS 202History of US from 18653
HIS 141African American History3HIS 107African American History3
HLT 100First Aid and CPR3HEA 211First aid, CPR and safety3
HLT 110Concepts of Personal & Community Health3HEA 200Health Education2
LGL 125Legal Research3POL 319Legal Research3
MTH 164Precalculus II3MAT 118Precalculus Mathematics II3
MTH 175Calculus of One Variable I3MAT 130Calculus3
MTH 240Statistics3MAT 205Introduction to Statistics3
MTH 241Statistics I5MAT 205Introduction to Statistics3
MTH 273Calculus I3Math 130Calculus I3
MTH 277Vector Calculus3MAT 251Calculus III3
MTH 282Mathematical Reasoning3MAT 206Mathematics Foundations3
MTH 285Linear Algebra3MAT 208Elementary Linear Algebra3
MTH 291Differential Equations3MAT 260Differential Equations3
MUS 121Music Appreciation I3MUS 200Introduction to Music3
MUS 122Music Appreciation II3MUS 200Introduction to Music3
PBS 116Public Budgeting and Finance3POL 410Public Finance3
PBS 225Management of the Modern city3POL 308Urban Politics3
PBS 240Constitutional Law3POL 302Constitutional Law3
PED 116Lifetime Fitness & Wellness1-2PED 105Physical Fitness Concepts2
PHI 101Introduction to Philosophy I3Philosophy Elective3
PHI 220Ethics3PHI 304Ethics3
PHI 111Logic I3PHI 210Logic3
PHY 201General College Physics I4PHY 201Introductory Physics I-II4
PHY 202General College Physics II4PHY 202Introductory Physics I-II4
PLS 135American National Politics3POL 203American National politics3
PLS 136State and Local Politics3POL 204State and Local politics3
PLS 241International Relations I3POL 304International Politics3
PLS 242International Relations II3POL 304International Politics3
PSY 200Principles of Psychology3PSY 203Intro to Psychology3
PSY 215Abnormal Psychology3PSY 300Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 216Social Psychology3SOC 406Social Psychology3
PSY 225Theories of Personality3PSY 225Theories of Personality3
REL 231Religions of the World I3REL 307World Religions3
REL 232Religions of the World II3REL 307World Religions3
RPK 100Intro recreation, parks, and leisure studies3REC 203Foundation of Recreation and tourism3
RPK 135Program planning3REC 204Recreation leadership3
RPK 146Recreation Facilities Management3PED 491Facilities Management3
SDV 100College success skills1UNV 101Individual and life (30 credits or more)1
SOC 200Principles of Sociology3SOC 205Intro to Sociology3
SOC 215Sociology of the Family3SOC 310Sociology of the Family3
SOC 266Minority Group Relations3SOC 304Race and Ethnic relations3
SOC 268Social Problems3SOC 210Social Problems3
SPA 101Beginning Spanish I4-5SPA 101Elementary Spanish I3
SPA 102Beginning Spanish II4-5SPA 102Elementary Spanish II3
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish I3-4SPA 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II3-4SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPD 100Principles of Public Speaking3COM 236Public Speaking3
SPD 110Intro to Speech Communication3COM 103Oral Communication3