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Voluntary Retirement Planning Lincoln National Life offers two types of 403(b) Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans.

Variable Annuity

You can choose one or more of 23 investment options to create a portfolio representing a number of asset classes and investment management styles. As your financial situation changes, you also can change the combination of options to better meet your specific financial needs at the time. The 23 different investment options give you access to fourteen of the nation’s top investment managers, which offer a variety of investment strategies and styles.

Fixed Annuity

Fixed annuity allows you to accumulate monies and defer taxes on contributions and interest earnings. Your money is not taxed until you withdraw it or choose to take benefit payments. Contributions to a fixed annuity are fully protected and guaranteed by Lincoln Life. There are no annual administrative fees, and a competitive interest rate is credited to your account and compounded daily. An Annual Guaranteed Rate is set for each calendar year. The rate credited to your account will not fall below the Annual Guaranteed Rate.

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