Pharmaceutical Science
Major and Minor

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The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (BSPS) is a 121-credit hour four-year undergraduate degree program offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The BSPS trains students for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, or research in the areas of drug development, commercialization, and discovery.  Upon completion of the degree, students are also prepared for professional or graduate studies in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, medicine, basic and biomedical sciences, and law. Completion of the BSPS degree does not qualify graduates to sit for the licensure examinations that are required to become a registered pharmacist. 

A student can also minor in Pharmaceutical Science.  To earn a minor, a student must complete a minimum of 19 credit hours of coursework, including 13 credits of required courses and a minimum of 6 credits in electives. 

These programs are approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


BSPS Curricula Tracks


The BSPS degree is designed to allow students to select one of two tracks: an Industry Track or a Pre-Pharmacy Track. Students enrolled in either track will have an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. Each of the two tracks requires a total of 121 credit hours of coursework. Both curricula cover general education topic areas as well as courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Students will also be required to complete a summer research externship as well as a research capstone course. 

The BSPS Pre-Pharmacy Track prepares students either to seek the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) or to enter a graduate program to obtain either a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree.

The BSPS Industry Concentration is designed primarily for students who wish to pursue technical positions in industrial, academic, or other research environments within the areas of drug discovery, development, and commercialization.

The Pharmaceutical Science Minor is for students who desire to pursue careers in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The minor permits students from science or non-science disciplines to learn about pharmaceutical sciences.

Required Courses

  • Drug Discovery, Design, and Development (3 CH)
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis (3 CH)
  • General Pharmacology I (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics I (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics Lab I (1 CH)


  • Quantitative Lab Techniques (2 CH)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (1 CH)
  • Medical Immunology (2 CH)
  • Applied Biochemistry (3 CH)
  • General Pharmacology II (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics II (3 CH)
  • Biopharmaceutics Lab II (1 CH)
  • Biostatistics and Research Methods

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students will have knowledge and skills to:

  • Demonstrate their ability to critically think, analyze, and solve problems in the basic pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with members of the scientific community.
  • Demonstrate a thorough grasp of fundamental knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical concepts and be capable of integration of such topics.
  • Employ scientific ethics as exemplified by faculty and outlined in NIH Guidelines for Conduct of Research.

For more information about the BSPS program, please contact the School of Pharmacy at 757-727-5071 or