School of Pharmacy

Dr. Anand Iyer

Professor and Dean

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 123

Phone: 757-728-6768

Email: anand.iyer@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Cancer

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Dr. Vera Combs Campbell

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Assessment

Location: William Harvey Library – Room 429

Phone: 757-728-6685

E-mail: vera.campbell@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmacology, Toxicology, Assessment

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Dr. Ebony Andrews

Associate Professor and Chair, Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Location: Annex – Room 103A

Phone: 757-728-6684

E-mail: ebony.andrews@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Geriatrics

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Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Marilyn Saulsbury

Associate Professor and Chairperson

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 206

Phone: 757-728-6579

E-mail: marilyn.saulsbury@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Endocrine Physiology, Health Disparities

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Dr. Neelam Azad

University Endowed Professor

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room

Phone: 757-727-5071

E-mail: neelam.azad@hamptonu.edu

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Dr. Mikhail L. Bondarev

Associate Professor

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 216

Phone: 757-727-5870

E-mail: mikhail.bondarev@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Drug Design and Development, Organic Synthesis

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Dr. Chengan Du

Associate Professor

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 123

Phone: 757-728-6692

E-mail: chengan.du@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Proteomics

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Dr. Simone Heyliger

University Endowed Associate Professor

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 213

Phone: 757-728-6687

E-mail: simone.heylinger@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmacology, Immunology, Neuroscience/Neurotoxicology, Cellular Biology

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Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Location: TBA

Phone: TBA

E-mail: TBA

Expertise: TBA


Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Location: TBA

Phone: TBA

Email: TBA

Expertise: TBA

Dr. Juan Sebastian Yakisich

Assistant Professor

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 209

Phone: 757-727-5585

E-mail: juan.yakisich@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Cancer Biology – Cancer Stem Cells – Chemotherapy

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Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Khalida Omar Amini

Assistant Professor and Acting Chair

Location: William Harvey Library – Room 436

Phone: 757-727-5071

E-mail: khalida.amini@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Pharmacotherapy, Pulmonary/Respiratory

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Dr. Aviance Lewis

Assistant Professor

Location: Frank Fountain – Room 101C

Phone: 757-728-6030

E-mail: aviance.lewis@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Community Health, COVID-19 and other vaccinations

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Dr. Travonia Brown-Hughes

Associate Professor

Location: School of Pharmacy Annex – 101A

Phone: 757-637-2960

E-mail: travonia.brownhughes@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Gerontology, Minority Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, Caregiving

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Ms. Deborah Hudson

Assistant Professor

Location:  School of Pharmacy Annex – 105A

Phone: 757-728-6209

E-mail: deborah.hudson@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Public Health, Biostatistics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Medical Terminology, A& P, Healthcare Administration, Research Methods

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Dr. Shanea Brown

Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Education

Location: Biomedical Research Building II – Room 209A

Phone: 757-728-6690

Email: shanea.parker@hamptonu.edu

Expertise: Ambulatory Care

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Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Location: TBA

Phone: TBA

E-mail: TBA