Pre-Professional Program (Pre-Pharmacy Major)

The School of Pharmacy at Hampton University offers an innovative, entry-level, pre-professional program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The program operates as the Pre-Pharmacy Major for undergraduates. The program consists of a minimum of 79 hours of pre-professional pharmacy education, followed by 141 hours of professional pharmacy education once accepted into the professional program, the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Pre-Professional Program Leading to the Pharm. D

Undergraduate College Students

The Pre-Professional program is a pathway program to enter the four-year PharmD program at Hampton University. Courses in the pre-pharmacy curriculum include the following areas of study: general and organic chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics, biology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, English, speech, social science, health or physical education, history and humanities.

HUSOP offers two tracks for students that wish to complete the pre-professional curriculum coursework:

This is designed with the traditional student in mind. The curricular requirements are spread over six semesters (fall and spring), and students will complete a total of 95 credit hours. Details of the curriculum are provided above.

This track is designed for more prepared students that are prepared to engage in an intense curriculum that includes coursework during the fall, spring and summer semesters, but will enable students to complete their prerequisites in two years. Students selecting this track will be expected to complete a total of 83 credit hours. Details of the curriculum are provided below.

Students may apply for admission into the pre-pharmacy program directly from high school or transfer from another 2 or 4-year college. Only applicants who meet the requirements for undergraduate admission to the University are eligible to be included in the School of Pharmacy’s pre-professional program and to declare as pre-pharmacy majors. 

Pre-pharmacy majors are assigned an advisor within the School of Pharmacy who assists them in preparation for entrance into the professional program.  In addition, all pre-professional students will be inducted into the Hampton University Pre-Pharmacy Club, which will provide them with an opportunity to participate in pharmacy-related events, become members of pharmacy organizations, be mentored by pharmacy faculty and engage in course and exam preparation activities.

For more information about the Pre-Pharmacy program, please contact the School of Pharmacy at 757-727-5071 or