Gaming and Media Devices:

Connect your Gaming device or TV through Hampton University’s wired or wireless network. The device registration process is simple. Device registration is part of the authentication process to access the wired or wireless network on campus. To complete this process, you should know your devices MAC address (12-digit number that can be found in the network settings for most of the devices).

How to connect devices:

  • Plug your devices into the open port in your room. Every room has one open port for your device. After plugging in the port you have to register your device through the MAC address Note: Students have to buy their own Ethernet cable.
  • Open Internet Explorer and go to:
  • Click on the computer registration icon.

  • Enter your Infotech username and password and the type of device you are registering, then click Download.
  • When the ‘File Download – Security Warning’ window appears, choose to save Bradford Dissolvable Agent (BDA).

  • If the ‘Internet Explorer – Security Warning’ window appears, choose to run Bradford Dissolvable Agent (BDA)
  • If the program has not run automatically, double-click the BDA Icon on the desktop. Click Run if a message appears.

  • If you are running Windows XP, popups on your task bar will inform you of the scanning progress.
  • If the computer fails the BDA scan, a web page will display a list of the failed tests.  For each failed test, click the provided link to install software and updates, or to read instructions regarding the uninstallation of prohibited applications.

  • After performing the necessary installations and/or program removals, rerun the BDA program by double-clicking the BDA icon you saved to your desktop. Depending on the type and number of scan failures, you may have to rerun the BDA several times.
  • When your computer passes the BDA scan, a web page will inform you that you have successfully registered your device.  It may take several minutes before configuration is complete and you are able to access the internet.
  • After success, you can return to the registration page to register a network compatible gaming console.

Any problems you can contact the HelpDesk at 757.728.6931 for help Monday-Friday from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm. You may also email the HelpDesk at

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