Implementing Digital Transaction Management (DTM) by incorporating an e- signature solution is the second priority for this proposal request. Adopting an end-to-end methodology that includes well-defined e-signature processes will fully enable Hampton University to serve our customers (e.g., faculty, students,staff, vendors, parents, alumni, etc.) in this remote environment. More importantly, leveraging this technology supports the overall digital transformation strategy of the university to modernize.

Many of Hampton University’s agreement processes remain manual and fragmented which creates both inefficiencies and reduced effectiveness. With the shift to remote instruction and learning, Hampton University needs DTM and an electronic signature solution. As the university works to convert many of the manual forms to support remote access to processes, the requirement for DTM is the next step to support digital transformation. Using a cloud-based application will allow our institution to send and sign (securely) and input other data into a document with an automated document workflow. Because Hampton uses Perceptive Content as our grant management software tool, integrating a tool like DocuSign to complement this product will provide our faculty, students, and staff with the ability to:

• Easily upload and send documents for electronic signature.
• Quickly access and sign documents that require a signature.
• Readily check a document’s status, send reminders, and view audit trails.
• Securely store documents online.
• Create templates using existing forms to help streamline the sending process.
• Oversee document workflow by identifying and managing recipients and routing.
• Make forms available online, allowing for self-service and ease of accessibility.

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