Our Vision

Our goal is to bolster Hampton University faculty materials science research activities and serve as a catalyst to recruit and retain talented African American and female students who pursue research careers in materials science and engineering fields.

Research Thrusts

  • Photo-responsive Materials – This research collaboration between Hampton University Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering seeks to explore whether new photo-responsive / photo-switchable metallohydrogel materials can be designed and synthesized using arylazopyrazole-based ligands.
  • Opto-active Polymeric Biocomposite Materials – This research studies whether polymeric biocomposites can serve as tissue surrogates for a diverse range of tissue types and produce stimuli-responsive optical emissions. The goal is to produce opto-active polymeric biocomposites that are mechanically versatile, optically clear, biologically active, and stimuli responsive (opto-active).
  • Opto-electronic Materials – The expertise and strengths of Hampton University faculty in the Departments of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering are applied to investigate whether silicon and / or III-V materials along with mixed halide perovskites materials can serve as a optofluidic platform for photo-responsive and opto-active material-based response systems.