Graduate Students

Jazz Geter

B.S. Chemistry, SCSU

Current M.S. Chemistry

My name is Jazz Geter. I am a Chemistry Graduate student here at Hampton University. I received my BS degree in RadioChemistry from South Carolina State University. I wanted to continue my education at an HBCU and Hampton was the best choice for me. It is an honor being apart of the PREM program. It allows me to advance my research experience and collaborate with other majors. We are currently working on the synthesis of Arylazopyrazoles. It’s been and continues to be a fun and rewarding experience working with PREM. 

Langston Jackson

B.S. Biology, William and Mary

Current M.S. Biology

My name is Langston Forbes-Jackson. I am in the Biology M.S. program at Hampton University. I was interested in the PREM program because it presented an opportunity to branch out into a field of research that was interesting to me, and because it allows students to work across departments for their projects. I am currently working on the second thrust of research in the department, Opto-active Polymeric Biocomposite Materials.

Jordan Stokes

B.S. Biology, HU

M.S. Biology

Graduated May 2022

Alexis Moody

B.S. Biology, Rutgers

M.S. Biology

Graduated May 2021

Dewayne Arrington

B.S. Chemistry, Old Dominion Univ.

M.S. Chemistry

Graduated Dec. 2020

Emmanuel Ojukwu

M.S. Biology
Graduated Aug. 2019