Financial Support for Research

Institutional Support

Institutional support for research is provided through the Committee on Faculty Research (Refer to the Faculty Handbook and the Faculty Application for Hampton University Research Funds), under the leadership of the Office of the Provost.

The Committee on Faculty Research: (1) evaluates proposals and make grants for faculty research; (2) facilitates opportunities to carry out research; (3) distributes a statement of the studies and experiments completed within the previous year and those which are in progress; (4) encourages systematic research studies and experiments; (5) strives to stimulate research viewpoints and interests; (6) collaborates when appropriate with the Provost and others; (7) assists in securing financial aid and in publishing [Hampton University Faculty Handbook].

External Support

  1. Public Sector – refers to local, state, and federal agencies. Examples of such agencies are:
    • Local – Hampton City School Board
    • State – Virginia Department of Business Assistance
    • Federal – U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Private Sector – refers to individuals, organizations, and foundations.
    • The Foundation Center defines a foundation as “a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with its own funds (usually from a single source, either an individual, family or corporation) and is program managed by its own Boards of trustees and/or directors, which is established to maintain or aid educational, social, charitable, religious, or other activities serving the common welfare primarily by making grants to other nonprofit organizations.”

Funding Information Resources

The Internet and selected publications are used to identify sources of available funds for research and other sponsored activities. Many federal agency web sites offer current information on grant opportunities in the public sector. Increasing numbers of major foundations provide information on their giving programs via the Internet. The Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Research also provides a weekly, campus-wide distribution of research opportunities. Office staff members provide agency guidelines for submitting proposals, and technical assistance in the development of proposals to faculty, staff, and administrators.

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